“Winter Sunrise” Cocktail Recipes

H-app-yHour_image_all-logos-and-phone-with-wordsIn February and March 2015, we held a series of “H-app-y Hours” to celebrate the launch of The SunriseGuide Mobile Edition. Every party was at a different location, and we asked each venue to create a signature cocktail for the event called “Winter Sunrise.” Each venue created its own unique interpretation of the drink…and this is what all the bartenders came up with!

Little Tap House, Portland

IMG_3391Whole milk
Pinch of cayenne
Semi-sweet chocolate

Boil to desired thickness, stirring frequently. Serve with 2oz Captain Morgan, whipped cream & cinnamon stick.

Sebago Brewing Company, Scarborough

IMG_2244Ruby red grapefruit vodka
Orange juice

Fill glass with orange juice and add 1.5 ounces of grapefruit vodka. Drizzle with grenadine, so it sinks to the bottom.


Vena’s Fizz House, Portland

IMG_4123Eight Bells Rum
Dashes of Bittermen’s Hopped Grapefruit Bitters & Scrappy’s cardamom Bitters
Fresh lime juice
Blood orange concentrate
Freshly grated nutmeg

In a narrow/high ball glass, stir together the rum, Cointreau, bitters, lime juice, blood orange and nutmeg. Hold a spoon upside down over the surface of the drink, then very slowly pour the grenadine syrup down the back side of the spoon until the syrup sinks to the bottom of the glass. Add ice cubes.

Frontier Cafe + Cinema, Brunswick

IMG_2285Vanilla vodka
Blueberry saffron reduction
Grapefruit juice

Serve up with a lemon wedge.

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