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The SunriseGuide is published once a year in the fall. Online advertising opportunities are available between print editions. Please contact us to learn more.

I just moved to Portland and the SunriseGuide has become my handbook for living in Maine!
— Danny M., Portland

Advertising Criteria

Our goal in publishing the SunriseGuide is to create a resource that supports and inspires a healthy and environmentally-friendly life in Maine. All products and services advertised in the SunriseGuide meet one of the following criteria. In cases where the criteria fit is not obvious, we have asked our advertisers to include a note on their ad/coupon to inform you why their business is an eco-friendlier alternative. You may notice that some coupons are for specific green products, while others are good for your entire purchase.

In cases where the coupon is storewide and not limited to specific products, such as in local markets and restaurants, advertisers have completed a survey to demonstrate that a significant portion of their offerings are local, organic, and/or sustainably sourced.  Many businesses, such as hardware stores, garden centers, and book stores offer coupons for a specific selection of eco-friendly products.

While these criteria are meant to help you locate eco-friendly products, they are not a replacement for doing your own research. We encourage you to ask questions of your local businesses to learn where products and ingredients come from and what their commitment to reducing environmental impacts is. The more interest in sustainable practices that they receive from their customers, the more likely they are to provide products and services that meet your needs.

The SunriseGuide welcomes advertising and coupons for products and services that:

  • Meet the certification standards for environmentally-friendliness from independent third parties, including (among others) Energy Star, Green Seal, USDA Organic, MOFGA, Water Sense, Marine Stewardship Council, Forest Stewardship Council, Maine DEP Environmental Leader, Fair Trade, and others.
  • Have a significantly reduced environmental impact over similar products/activities (ex: locally grown produce, products made with recycled materials, low/no VOC’s, native plants, meat/dairy without growth hormones).
  • Support a vibrant and sustainable community (arts, culture, volunteerism).
  • Promote the health of mind, body and spirit through outdoor activity and other forms of physical fitness.
  • In addition, we welcome advertisements from locally owned businesses who produce or distribute a product that is not a known to be harmful to the environment or people, and demonstrate a commitment to sustainable business practices such as: a comprehensive recycling program, use of natural cleaners, renewable energy, policies that prefer recycled office products, supporting environmental organizations, supporting locally owned businesses, and more.