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Houseplants to improve indoor air quality

You may be surprised to learn that indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than the air…

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The Furniture We Breathe: Home Furnishing & Indoor Air Quality

By Heather Chandler Home is our respite; a place where we feel safe. So it may be surprising to learn…

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DIY: Turn those old bridesmaid dresses into throw pillows!

“You’ll definitely be able to wear it again,” are the famous last words of brides everywhere. If you have an…

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Musings from the floor: My experience with an off-gassing couch

Heather Chandler January 3, 2013 This morning, the furniture store came to pick up my new, super sexy, contemporary, sectional…

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DIY: Make your own no-sew draft stopper

A room can feel much chillier when you’ve got a cold draft coming in from a poorly sealed window or…

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