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Want to know where to find local foods, what’s available when, food events happening in your area—and basically anything else that will help keep you up on Maine’s exciting food frontiers? Here are a few websites to help you do just that.

Maine Food Atlas: A comprehensive, searchable directory to help you discover the local food offerings in your community. Simply type in the name of your town, and the interactive map will zoom in on your area, pinpointing all the farms, producers, eateries, and other food-based services that are catalogued in the atlas.

Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets: The go-to resource for up-to-date information on where and when farmers’ markets are happening around the state, in all seasons. The “shoppers” tab includes both a searchable directory and a list of markets by day, info on which markets accept WIC and EBT cards, plus more general information about eating in season in Maine.

Maine Food Strategy: An initiative to create a broad and strongly connected network of organizations, businesses and individuals contributing to the growth, production and distribution of food in Maine. The website includes webinars and events, data and resources, and inclusive ways to get involved.

Get Real Maine: A site sponsored by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry that provides information on finding local food, farm and forest producers and other agricultural connections. Includes upcoming events, a searchable directory of food and forestry producers, lists of farmers’ markets and agricultural fairs and—new!—an agri-tourism map of Maine farms open for visiting, tastings and tours.

Portland Food Map: A directory for all things food in Portland. What began as a visual mapping of local eateries now includes a search engine, events calendar, Sunday brunch listings, local food news and street maps.

The website for your local food co-op or natural food store is also likely to contain great information about local farms and food.

Printable Resources for Local Food

Great for sticking on your fridge!

What’s in season: all you need to know about when your favorite fruits and veggies will be their freshest and locally-grown in Maine.

Storage guide for produce grown in Maine: where and how to store your local veggies, how long they will stay fresh, and whether they are suitable for freezer storage.

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