DIY Bird Feeders

Banish boredom with these fun ideas for bird feeders made out of recycled and household items. Bird feeders are a…

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Art of the fire: the transformative nature of clay

By Jessica Skwire Routhier CERAMICS BELONGS TO the “arts of the fire,” so called because, along with glass and metalsmithing,…

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Jewelry Makers: A legacy of artisans inspired by Maine

By Bob Keyes AS A CHILD, Nisa Smiley traveled once a year from her home in Vermont to Deer Isle…

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FARM TO FLEECE: Maine’s vibrant fiber scene starts with its farms

By Caitlin Gilmet There’s a good chance that your next blanket or sweater wasn’t just made in Maine—it was born…

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Mighty makers

Mighty makers

By Erika Blauch Rusley From professional photographers to part-time potters, creative people of all stripes are coming together in Maine’s…

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DIY: Turn those old bridesmaid dresses into throw pillows!

“You’ll definitely be able to wear it again,” are the famous last words of brides everywhere. If you have an…

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The Crafting Craze

If you’re reading this article, it may be because you recently caught the “I want to make really cool things…

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little girl learning to use colorful play dough

DIY: Make your own modeling clay

This modeling clay is easy to make and kid-safe (as in, completely edible), perfect for hours of creative play. If…

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handmade mittens

DIY: Give new life to an old sweater – Make some mittens!

We all have a favorite sweater that went through the wash and is now short-sleeved and midriff-bearing. However much you…

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striped stockings

DIY: Make your own no-sew draft stopper

A room can feel much chillier when you’ve got a cold draft coming in from a poorly sealed window or…

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