Finding a farm-to-table caterer

Photo: Frank Giglio

Photo: Frank Giglio

Planning an event in Maine that requires catering? If you make an effort to fill your kitchen with locally-sourced ingredients that are fresh off the farm, you’ll be happy to know that when it comes to feeding a crowd for your special event, a growing crop of caterers shares your commitment.

The following caterers from around the state place a particular emphasis on farm-to-table eating. While there are many more caterers not listed here that feature Maine-based items, those on this list make an over-the-top effort to source direct from the farm (often, their own) whenever possible. Your big celebration can simultaneously celebrate local food and local farms – and it will no doubt be delicious!

In addition to the caterers listed here, many of the restaurants and markets featured in the SunriseGuide also provide locally sourced take out platters that are perfect for events. Know of another farm-to-table caterer in Maine? Let us know in the comment feed and we’ll add it to the list!

Mount Apatite Farm, Auburn
(207) 650-1573

Barred Owl Catering at Hamilton Farm, Whitefield barred-owl-catering-hoo-cooks-for-you/
(207) 549-5497

Enchanted Kitchen at Firefly Farm, St Albans
(207) 938-3906

Three Lily Farm (Chef Frank Giglio), Thorndike

Sassafras Catering, Town Hill
(207) 460-0166

Swan’s Way, Camden
(207) 763-3996

Treats of Maine, Wiscasset
(207) 882-6192

Frontier Cafe & Cinema, Brunswick
(207) 725-5222

Henry & Marty Restaurant & Catering, Brunswick

Dandelion Catering Co., Yarmouth
(207) 847-0023

Rosemont Market, Portland & Yarmouth
(207) 846-1234

Local Sprouts Cooperative, Portland

Bread & Butter Catering, South Portland

The Frog & Turtle, Westbrook
(207) 591-4185

The Chef & the Gardener Restaurant & Catering, Saco
(207) 282-9035

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