Bike Mechanic Workshop

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5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Portland Gear Hub

Portland, ME

The Portland Gear Hub and USM have partnered together to offer this popular bike workshop series, offered every other Wednesday evening until April 23rd. These six workshops are designed to provide the aspiring, beginner, or intermediate bike mechanics with basic safety and maintenance information and are lead by volunteer professional bike mechanics from around the Portland area.

Demo bikes and communal tools are available – bring your bike and/or tools if you have them! The first hour is a structure lesson on varying aspects of bike care, the second hour is open bench time supported by knowledgeable volunteers.

Schedule of workshops:

Week 1- March 19th 2014: Intro to Bike Anatomy&  Fit
Come learn the basics of Bike Anatomy and how to find the right fit.  This is a great introduction to biking and for those just getting back into biking!

Week 2 March 26th 2014: Intro to Tires, Tubes & Fixing A Flat
Learn how to identify a leak, change a tire, and patch a flat tube. Learn about different types and applications of wheels and tires.

Week 3 April 2nd 2014: Brakes!
Learn the basics of brake anatomy, function, adjustment, and simple repair on different styles of brakes.

Week 4 April 9th 2014: Gears & Shifting
Explore the anatomy, function, and adjustment of myriad styles of gears & shifters. Learn about optimal and efficient shifting while riding.

Week 5 April 16th 2014: Cranks, Hubs, & Bottom Bracket
Learn the basics on cranks, hubs, and bearings.

Week 6 April 23rd 2014: Wheels & Spokes
Come learn about wheels and spokes.  You will also get into wheel truing.

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