Pecha Kucha Night — Midcoast Maine

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6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

The Center for Maine Contemporary Art

Rockport, ME

Join Pecha Kucha Night for their 20th Volume and the end of their 5th year in the Midcoast! To celebrate, they will be having an extra special night with an hour long reception before the presentations.

The event will offer engaging, fast-paced presentations from a diverse array of creative talents from our region, including the following eight individuals: Jim Dugan, photographer; Greg Marley, wild mushroom expert; Lindsay Pinchbeck, art educator; Daniel Quintanilla, filmmaker;  Seth Silverton, director of The Wood Chop School; Andrew Stewart, director of Hope Elephants; David Troup, karate instructor; David Vickery, artist.

These events celebrate the creativity of our community through visual storytelling in a unique presentation style where eight individuals share their work, their ideas, and their creative process with a 20-second-per-image, 20-image slideshow.

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