Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vacation & Business Travel

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12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm

Wells, ME

The guilty secret of many die-hard energy-saving, organic-eating, composting environmentalists is that we love to travel for fun, or have to travel for work. Transportation contributes about 30% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and can be the largest carbon footprint of many businesses that rely on a jet-setting mentality to get the work done. Unfortunately, reducing emissions from business travel, in particular, can be quite challenging – especially when the boss is telling you that you must go to Brazil, or China, or Chicago to get the work done. Businesses such as Thornton Tomasetti, which rely on air travel for meetings between employees in different offices and for meetings with clients, are working to reduce their footprint from travel, and the lessons learned can help you to reduce your individual footprint or to bring tools to your office for reducing the travel footprint of your organization.

Meet in Mather Auditorium with a bag lunch!

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