Explore the Depth and Breadth of Sustainable Forestry

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9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Hidden Valley Nature Center

Jefferson, ME

Real-life forestry practitioners will be at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens on Tuesday to introduce you to the theory, practice, economics, ecology, and legal aspects of sustainable forestry. You will walk on some of the extensive trails at Hidden Valley Nature Center in Jefferson, get hands-on experience with some low-tech forestry tools, and see how forestry can lead to increased access, recreational opportunities, increased wildlife, and greater enjoyment of your woodlot.

Learn how to identify trees; manage your forest; work with foresters and loggers; protect water quality; improve diversity of plant and animal life and habitat; use the non-tree part of your woods; understand legal and permitting requirements conservation easements, and land protection; and recognize and deal with invasives.

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