Endangered Species Day

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10:45 pm to 3:30 pm

Children's Museum & Theater of Maine

Portland, ME

Join the Children’s Museum for day of learning about endangered animal species. Paint animals on your face, make animal art, learn scientific names of animals, and explore ancient artifacts!
Free with admission.

  • Face Painting: 10:45am
    Do you know what a bobcat looks like? How about a caimen or a manatee? Celebrate this special day by having an endangered species painted on your face or hand!
  • Create a Creature: 11am
    We will explore unfamiliar creatures and then create a creature of our own using drawing, collage and a whole lot of imagination.
  • Zoology Name Game: 12pm
    Do you know what animal is scientifically known as Felis cattus? What about Ursus horribilis? Learn all about binomial nomenclature by joining us for our Zoology Name Game!
  • Artifact Exploration: 3:30pm
    The Museum has many amazing artifacts like shells, rocks, bones and fossils. Come explore them and learn more about where they came from.

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