Crisis and Opportunity in the Environmental Century

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6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm

Wells, ME

Join Stephen Mulkey, president of Unity College, to learn of our unprecedented opportunity to create a global economy built around sustainable management of natural resources. Learn how humanity’s response to climate change and the resultant ecological crises will define the future world economy, and will be the ultimate test of our adaptability as a species. Mulkey will explain why the development of a sustainable relationship with our natural resources is an urgent imperative for our survival, and why it is likely that we have little more than a decade to vigorously transition towards sustainability. He will share the political and social obstacles to implementation, as well as reasons why sustainability education in secondary and post-secondary education is essential if we are to produce a generation prepared to meet these challenges. Numerous options available for mitigation, adaptation, and development of resilient systems will also be discussed. Following the program, a raffle will be conducted, and two lucky program participants will receive a copy of America the Possible by Gus Speth. Suggested donation of $5 per person. Registration is required.

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