Climate Change – Realities and Opportunities: What Earth's Most Remote Places Tell Us About the State of Our World and the Future

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7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Bowdoin College

Brunswick, ME

Paul Andrew Mayewski, Director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, will share his personal experiences of going to some of the Earth’s most remote and challenging places, and of the scientific discoveries he and his teams have made there.
He’ll describe the journey that they, and the scientific community, have made from a “gradualist” viewpoint – thinking that humanity was an inconsequential observer in a slowly changing climate – to the realization that we are deeply and irrevocably involved in the short – and long – term fate of a temperamental climate capable of dramatic changes in a matter of only a few years.

Mayewski will also discuss discovering the worldwide reach of industrial emissions; their effects on climate, civilization, ecosystems and our individual quality of life; the discovery of abrupt changes in the climate system that revolutionized thinking about climate science; the remarkable success of the Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol and how some of the effects can clear up in weeks or months – and others only over centuries.

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