phME Fall Forum 2017: Innovation in Sustainable Construction + District Retrofits

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12:00 am to 11:59 pm

Portland Public Library, Rines Auditorium

Portland, ME

passivhausMaine is proud to present three events as part of the Fall Forum. The goal is to reconsider possibilities in retrofits.

Maine’s 600,000 existing units desperately need attention as we transition away from fossil fuels and anticipate extreme weather events. Innovation: what’s missing in the demand and the solutions now offered? What messaging needs to be done? Is new technology being met with appropriate funding? Are new systems fully understood? Cost impacts demand; what can we do to reduce costs?

The Evening Panel Discussion will grapple with these questions. Moderator, Sonia Barrantes, will help shape the conversation and with luck we will have greater insight and potential steps forward to meet one of the greatest challanges Maine is currently facing: providing adequate and appropriate housing to our population.

The Forum will feature speakers who have already jumped into district retrofits. Learning from their experiences, what can we take away to inspire, fund and tackle retrofits in our major cities and our rural communities?

Follow this link to register and for more information.