How to grow healthy, organic pesticide-free lawns

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6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

South Portland High School

South Portland

Bring your questions and come learn the essentials of organic lawn care from the country’s experts at this free workshop. Hear from:

Chip Osborne, head of Osborne Organics, started his career using conventional land care techniques and pesticides before switching to organic and becoming the leading national consultant on organic land and turf care. He has worked with municipalities, schools and private property owners across the country to transition their land to organic care. He has trained many Maine lawn & garden professionals and is working with local municipalities, including South Portland, on transitioning to organic.

Jay Feldman, director of Washington, D.C.-based Beyond Pesticides, has served on the National Organic Standards Board and is a leading expert on pesticide risks and public policy solutions to educe pesticide use and exposure.

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