Beauty to behold: a new generation of salons

Phthalates, Triclosan, parabens, musks, formaldehyde – perhaps you’ve been warned to keep an eye out for these allergens, carcinogens, and hormone disruptors found in many beauty care products. This is easy enough to do when reading labels in the aisle at the drugstore, but what about when you go for a facial or to have your hair done at a salon?

Fortunately, many local salons are also aware of the toxins found in beauty products, and are making an effort to use organic and non-toxic products for the health and safety of their clients, as well as their employees. While there are no set standards to qualify an “organic” salon, the following Maine salons carry product lines free of harsh chemicals, provide services that use naturally-derived products, and/or offer safer alternatives to traditional treatments like waxing and dying. Talk to your stylist beforehand, and feel good about both your look and your health.

Maine Natural Hair & Skin
142 High St, Ste 225, Portland

Photo: Emmy Ham

Organic Beauty Salon
50 Park Road, Westbrook

Organic Roots
545 Westbrook St, S. Portland

137 Kennebec Street, Portland

Pura Vida Day Spa
138 Maine Street, Brunswick

Rheal Day Spa
453 Main Street, Rockland

Salon Burke
490 Congress Street, Portland

The Well Bee
253 Main Street, Yarmouth

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