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You CAN get there from here: public transport comes of age

If you’ve taken the bus in greater Portland recently you may have noticed some changes, including the addition of real…

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cross-country skier

Cross-country skiing in Maine

There is no shortage of winter activities in Maine, and cross-country skiing is one that the whole family can enjoy….

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Safer grooming for men

By Erin Covey-Smith The men’s grooming industry in the US has seen incredible growth over the past decade, and that…

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Healing with reflexology

By Claire Guy Our bodies naturally want to be healthy. We want to be in balance physically, mentally and emotionally,…

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Building the buzz: creating bee-friendly gardens & landscapes

Avery Yale-Kamila Whether a rural homestead or a tiny urban lot, the most attractive gardens and landscapes buzz with bees,…

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Kid friendly recipes (for the kid in all of us)

Erin Covey-Smith Do you have a child in your life who is generally vying for a snack – primarily of…

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Finding a farm-to-table caterer

Planning an event in Maine that requires catering? If you make an effort to fill your kitchen with locally-sourced ingredients…

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It’s Suppah-time!

Many southern to midcoast-area churches in Maine dish out a heap of food and hospitality at their down-home, public bean…

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Agricultural Fairs

There are all kinds of opportunities to learn about, connect with, and experience farming and gardening in Maine. Check out…

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Restorative yoga to change your day

By Erin Covey-Smith & Wes Covey Restorative yoga, (also sometimes called “Yin,” which is a particular school of restorative yoga)…

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