A Sustainable Bookshelf

By Heather Foran, Jonah Fertig, Julie McLeod, Lisa Fernandes & Rachel Lyn Rumson

Building community stability requires that we re-skill ourselves and share knowledge that may be lost or hidden in our modern society. The following books are some of the titles that we have been reading at the Resilience Hub in the last year, and some of the skills and knowledge we have been putting into practice in our lives.

SustainableBookshelf_ArtOfFermentation_WEBThe Art of Fermentation

By Sandor Katz
Katz is a fermentation revivalist whose first book, Wild Fermentation, introduced man y people to fermentation and inspired them to experiment with their own ferments at home. I got the Art of fermentation from Katz last year when he came to Frinklepod Farm in Arundel and this book has been a constant read and reference for me as I try new ferments. Katz brings together fermentation traditions from around the world and makes these recipes accessible, entertaining and delicious.

SustainableBookshelf_Edible&MedicinalMushrooms_WEBEdible and Medicinal Mushrooms of New England and Eastern Canada

By David L. Spahr
After picking up this book last year, it has been my go-to book for mushroom identification. Spahr livesin Washington, Maine, and the mushrooms he features and beautifully presents in this book can all be found here. Spahr’s photos of mushrooms are some of the best around, and he provides clear and detailed information about each mushroom; including habitat, medicinal qualities, and recipes.

SustainableBookshelf_PreserviingWithPomona'sPectin_WEBPreserving with Pomona’s Pectin

By Allison Carroll Duffy
As a Master Food Preserver, I am always on the lookout for tried and true recipes for preserving the harvest that make use of organic, local and nonsynthetic ingredients. Imagine my joy at finding this gem written by our very own Allison Carroll Duffy of Brunswick. The recipes just plain work and are suitable for food preservation experts as well as those new to the skill.

SustainableBookshelf_PreservingFoodWithoutFreezingOrCanning_WEBPreserving Food without Freezing or Canning: Traditional Techniques Using Salt, Oil, Sugar, Alcohol, Vinegar, Drying, Cold Storage, and Lactic Fermentation

By The Gardeners & Farmers of Centre Terre Vivante, forward by Deborah Madison
A community member at our farm recently picked up this book and I immediately started to explore the recipes to preserve our harvest this year. These methods are low energy and produce nutrient rich foods that can last a winter. As an avid fermenter, I look forward to exploring new preservation techniques that are rooted in traditional French methods.

SustainableBookshelf_ParadiseLot_WEBParadise Lot

By Eric Toensmeier
While looking for a good read that also allowed me to dig deeper into the local permaculture knowledge, I chose this gem! The down-to earth (and sometimes humorous) account of how two guys from the northeast created an abundant and thriving homestead on a tenth of an acre in western Massachusetts was simply enjoyable AND informative.

SustainableBookshelf_ForgottenSkillsOfCooking_WEBForgotten Skills of Cooking

By Darina Allen
I came across this book in Ireland last year and, being a fan of traditional foodways, it really grabbed me! The recipes are based on Allen’s life experience farming and foraging in the countryside of Ireland and extremely transferrable to the abundance of local ingredients we enjoy here in Maine.

SustainableBookshelf_People&Permaculture_WEBPeople & Permaculture

By Looby Macnamara
A powerful guide for both seasoned permaculturists and those new to the concept. The book asks us to look deeply at ourselves and our relationships as the basis for establishing abundant systems throughout our lives. Macnamara provides practical exercises to initiate positive change. This book is a mindful map to ecological living.

SustainableBookshelf_GroupPhotoThe Resilience Hub is a collaborative non-profit organization based in Portland, Maine, whose mission is to build resilience at the personal, household and community levels while creating thriving examples of abundance based on ecological wisdom. They offer a range of events, education and training as well as resilience-building services and projects.

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