Kid friendly recipes (for the kid in all of us)

Erin Covey-Smith Do you have a child in your life who is generally vying for a snack – primarily of…

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Green smoothies—fuel for the body!

By Elizabeth Fraser, Owner of Girl Gone Raw and Co-Owner of Kids Gone Raw Is there one thing that you can do…

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“Winter Sunrise” Cocktail Recipes

In February and March 2015, we held a series of “H-app-y Hours” to celebrate the launch of The SunriseGuide Mobile…

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Crazy for Coconut Oil! A Personal Adventure with this Sustainable Food & Beauty Trend

I hadn’t given coconut oil much thought until last Memorial Day weekend when I was visiting family and was surprised…

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Tarragon and Lobster Make for a Yummy and Heart-Healthy Maine Supper

If there is one food people associate with our great state of Maine, it’s lobster. But for those of us…

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DIY: Make your own microwave popcorn

By Gen Jean, Mom to James and Lily Making your own microwave popcorn is easy, less expensive, more nutritious and…

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DIY: Quick Pickles

By Andrew Lindberg, Fermentation enthusiast Quick pickles are a fun and easy way to brighten up your favorite sandwiches, salads,…

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A Green Revolution

Changing the world one green smoothie at a time [An expert conversation featured in the Summer/Fall 2012 issue of Green…

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little girl learning to use colorful play dough

DIY: Make your own modeling clay

This modeling clay is easy to make and kid-safe (as in, completely edible), perfect for hours of creative play. If…

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energy drink ingredients

DIY: Make your own refreshing energy drink!

Most commercial energy drinks combine salt, refined sugar, caffeine, and artificial flavoring and dyes to give you a quick burst…

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