Natural products

Crazy for Coconut Oil! A Personal Adventure with this Sustainable Food & Beauty Trend

I hadn’t given coconut oil much thought until last Memorial Day weekend when I was visiting family and was surprised…

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Naturally-inspired Luxury

Maine spas incorporate the beauty of the outside world By Cynthia Simonds In the steamy heat of Maine summer, imagine…

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Distilled to Perfection: Maine’s wineries & distilleries take craft production to award-winning heights

By Lisa Wolff Fancy a gin martini flavored by a hint of sea air? Seeking a sip of a sparkling…

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The truth about the cosmetics industry

By Lora Winslow, Guest Columnist While many consumers believe that all cosmetics on the market have been tested and deemed…

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little girl learning to use colorful play dough

DIY: Make your own modeling clay

This modeling clay is easy to make and kid-safe (as in, completely edible), perfect for hours of creative play. If…

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three cans of aerosol air freshener

DIY: Greener Cleaners

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air in our homes can be many times  more polluted than the air…

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