Growing food

So you want to be a beekeeper? What you need to know

by Richard McLaughlin Beekeeping is a fun and fascinating hobby. Honey bees live and work together in large, complex societies…

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Food waste recycling made easy

Did you know organic waste comprises about 40 percent of what goes into the average Maine trash can, and about…

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Eat for the climate

by Karen D’Andrea A hamburger with bacon and cheese often evokes delight in anticipation of taking a great big bite….

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Food hubs: connecting farms to forks

Erin Covey-Smith Food hubs have been getting a lot of buzz in Maine lately and there’s good reason. When you…

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Agricultural Fairs

There are all kinds of opportunities to learn about, connect with, and experience farming and gardening in Maine. Check out…

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Sustainable Bookshelf

Looking for a good read? We turned to our friends at Royal River Books in Yarmouth and Longfellow Books in…

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Winter Greens

Simple strategies for extending your growing season by Lisa Wolff It’s a Saturday afternoon in July and Eliot Coleman is sitting atop his…

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A Sustainable Bookshelf

By Heather Foran, Jonah Fertig, Julie McLeod, Lisa Fernandes & Rachel Lyn Rumson Building community stability requires that we re-skill…

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The littlest “locavores”

By Marie Gardner Have you ever wondered how to instill in your children a curiosity and passion for healthy, nourishing,…

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Home is where the harvest is

Small Scale Homesteading Tastes Just Right By Anna Hewitt Homesteading has historically been considered an act of self reliance typical…

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