Green Technology

High Performing Home Showcase

What makes a high-performing house? By Chris Briley & Heather Chandler THERE ARE A LOT of loosely defined terms used to…

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The sweet spot: the intersection of performance & price

How to Design and Build a Pretty Good (or Better) House by Michael Maines THE BUILDING STANDARD that’s not a…

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Special Delivery: Rethinking Modular Construction

By Tim King SINCE HENRY FORD started his first assembly line, people have understood that the most efficient way of…

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Ductless heat pumps: the lowdown

A conversation with Efficiency Maine Ductless heat pumps are one of the most popular technologies for highly efficient heating in…

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Lighting evolves: the LED

By Heather Chandler THE LED (OR LIGHT emitting diode) bulb is a relatively new entry to the lighting scene, but…

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Get Pumped: Whole-house heat pumps are here

By Tim King CONSIDERED BY SOME to be something of a novelty just a few short years ago, today there…

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You CAN get there from here: Maine’s growing electric vehicle infrastructure

By Barry Woods I’VE BEEN AN UNREPENTANT advocate of plug in electric vehicles since 2009. It was then that I…

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Passive House is anything but passive

By Tim King DON’T LET THE name fool you – there’s nothing passive about constructing a high performance building worthy…

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Electric Vehicle Charging in Maine

Considering an electric vehicle for your next car? With recent advances in battery technology and range, affordable lease options, and growing…

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What Makes A High Performing House?

By Heather Chandler & Chris Briley There are a lot of loosely defined terms used to describe how “green” a house is….

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