Building the buzz: creating bee-friendly gardens & landscapes

Avery Yale-Kamila Whether a rural homestead or a tiny urban lot, the most attractive gardens and landscapes buzz with bees,…

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Kid friendly recipes (for the kid in all of us)

Erin Covey-Smith Do you have a child in your life who is generally vying for a snack – primarily of…

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Agricultural Fairs

There are all kinds of opportunities to learn about, connect with, and experience farming and gardening in Maine. Check out…

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Recipe blogs to help you get your YUM on

The blogosphere is overflowing with cooking blogs, covering everything from sheer decadence to haute cuisine to the just plain strange….

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Lighting evolves: the LED

By Heather Chandler THE LED (OR LIGHT emitting diode) bulb is a relatively new entry to the lighting scene, but…

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Indoor gardening for a year-round harvest

By Erin Covey-Smith THE ABUNDANCE AT the farmers’ markets may be dwindling, and your garden may have hunkered down for…

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Indoor air quality spotlight: radon

IN MAINE, HIGH levels of radon gas occur naturally in our soil and water, a result of the breakdown of…

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Housing Maine: Habitat puts a focus on efficiency

By Tim King HERE IN MAINE, and around the world, it would be difficult to find an organization that is…

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Get Pumped: Whole-house heat pumps are here

By Tim King CONSIDERED BY SOME to be something of a novelty just a few short years ago, today there…

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Passive House is anything but passive

By Tim King DON’T LET THE name fool you – there’s nothing passive about constructing a high performance building worthy…

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