What’s in the SunriseGuide?

Come for the coupons, but stay for the content.

Part handbook, part coupon book, the SunriseGuide is a resource for learning about, supporting and living in a healthy and sustainable way in southern and coastal Maine.

Click here to see some sample pages from the 2014 edition.

(Please note, this is not the complete 2014 edition.)


The SunriseGuide’s coupon section is divided into six chapters: EAT, HOME, HEALTH, EXPLORE, KIDS, and SHOP. You’ll find over 200 offers that will save you money on grocery shopping, fitness classes, transportation, getaways, clothing, dining out, wellness services, home goods and efficiency measures, nonprofit memberships, products for children, and more. You can save over $4,000 at green and healthy, local businesses throughout southern and coastal Maine.


The SunriseGuide’s content section contains articles and resources for healthy and sustainable living in Maine. From eating well to home energy & heating and healthy bodies to climate change, the 2014 SunriseGuide keeps you informed about healthy and sustainable solutions in Maine.

Examples of articles you’ll find in the SunriseGuide:

  • Learn the art & science of growing food
  • Wood heating comes of age: pellet boilers
  • Houseplants to improve indoor air quality
  • Thinking of a bike commute?
  • Community acupuncture offers healing in a group setting
  • Electric vehicle charging stations in Maine

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